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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The way we were

This is one of my favourite scenes from Sex And The City (season 2 episode 18) where Mr. Big marries Natasha, leaving Carrie to wonder why it wasn't her instead. 

Carrie: It's just…why her? I mean really...Why her?
Miranda: One word: Hubbell.
Charlotte: Hubbell.
Carrie: Oh, my god. Hubbell. It is so Hubbell.
Samantha: Who's Hubbell?
Carrie: Hubbell! Robert ”Hubbell” Redford in The Way We Were.
Charlotte: I love that movie.
Carrie: I love, love, love, that movie.
Samantha: -Never saw it.
Carrie & Charlotte: -Oh, my god!
Miranda: What are you, an alien? How could you have not seen The Way We Were?
Samantha: Chick film.
Miranda: Ok, Robert Redford is madly in love with Barbara Streisand, -Katie.
Carrie: -K-k-k-katie!
Charlotte: K-k-k-katie, right!
Miranda: But he can't be with her because she's too complicated...and she has wild, curly hair.
Carrie: Hello? C-c-c-curly. 
Miranda: So he leaves her and marries this...simple girl with straight hair.
Carrie: Ladies, I am having an epiphany. The world is made of two types of women, the ”simple” girls and the ”Katie” girls. I'm a ”Katie” girl and where are our drinks?
Charlotte: I always cry at the last scene in that movie when she sees him in her hotel with his new wife
Carrie: -The simple girl.
Charlotte: -And she reaches up
Carrie: -And smoothes his hair away.
Miranda: And she says to him: “Your girl is lovely, Hubbell.”

I loveee it when they sing and talk about the movie and Samantha's blank reaction is just priceless. Like Samantha, I've never heard of the movie either and was curious to know what it's about. Well it's a 1973 romantic film about two people (Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford) with drastic differences, who eventually fall in love, and finally part ways with each other. After everything that's happened, and I quote wikipedia, - "all the two share now (besides their daughter, whom they name Rachel) is a memory of the way they were."

I MEAN, isn't that just the saddest way to put it?? After watching the scene from Sex and The City itself, I knew this must be a sad love story and so I searched for the actual scene. IT'S SO SAD and I totally get Miranda, Charlotte, and Carrie now. I will admit, I got teary-eyed when they hugged.  Damn, why do I like sad and sappy love stories :(((( Barbara Streisand also sings the soundtrack for the movie, also called The Way We Were which makes you wana cry too. Here's the scene below.

Watch till the end part and you'll see Carrie reenacting the original scene and Mr Big was clueless. 

So, who's a Katie girl and who's a simple girl? 

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