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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Of exams and oversleeping

Hi again, its already May. Time really flies. 5 months of the year 2013 have passed, I will turn 22 in 6 months, start a new academic year (hopefully) in 4 months, and before you know it, another year has gone by.

It's exam season again. The season of stress, pimples, late nights, panicky moments, cramming sessions, and tons of coffee. I'm surprised my skin colour isn't coffee coloured yet. Sat for my criminal paper last Tuesday and you know what??? I BLOODY OVERSLEPT FOR LIKE 3 HOURS. Don't get me wrong, I did not oversleep and miss my exam. I actually intended to wake up at 3 (ya ya, very ambitious of me) to do some last minute reading, but instead of hitting the snooze button, I hit "dismiss". Once I hit the dismiss button, that was the end of my ambition. Next thing I knew it was already 6.30 a.m. Had I not planned to wake up at 3, I was going to get up at like 5.45 and get ready and at least be able to have some breakfast and leave the house at 6.30. And had it not been for my sis who woke me up at 6.30, I would have missed the exam! I got up, and in 10 minutes I was out the door. I AM VERY THANKFUL FOR MY SISTER =D and right now I'm just thinking, I stopped my alarm, didn't set a new time to wake up, and if my sis didn't wake me up, I would have totally been screwed man. Ughhhh, I get the shivers every time I think of this incident. 

I knew I wasn't going to be late, exam started at 9, but I just didn't like to rush, especially on exam day. I like to set out early, and be able to move at a reasonable pace. Plus, going out early gives me some time/space to find alternatives IN CASE any mishaps or misfortunes occur. Such as, the most typical (and most likely to happen) Malaysian public transport problem : TREN ROSAK, or you get in the train, and it just moves at this snail-like pace (yes, happened to me once in A-levels on an exam day too) or, it could be any kind of mishap, like falling into a ditch or getting lost. Plus I had to switch trains at Masjid Jamek station, and take the Sri Petaling line to Chan Sow Lin station, and this takes TIME. I was really worried something might go wrong, like me taking the wrong line, or being unable to find the exam venue. In case you didn't know, my college is too small to hold major exams like these, and I'm taking an external programme, so we have to go to other colleges and use their exam halls. I don't know if its because its an external thing, or simply because college is too small. This time we were at Help College of Arts and Technology, and last year it was at University Malaya. I prefer this year's venue coz it's easily accessible, whereas Uni Malaya was just too damn far and my phone got stolen there and it just created bad memories for me.

Anywayyy, I'm really really really really thankful nothing happened, no accidents or mishaps of any sort. I'm just really lucky I did not actually oversleep, the fact that I almost did just scares me. I keep thinking of all the what ifs. I cant thank God enough. And, the exam went well. I'd like to stay positive all the way till results day and then chicken out and only check my results a few days later hahahaha!

Okay my blogging feeling is gone, i just got distracted by something else. So goodnight and bye! Till next time! =)

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