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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wordy post

There I was, the 16 year old me, eager to start a blog, gain readership, post pictures and just write anything and everything and publish it for the world to read. I almost want to shake my 16 year old self upon reading back on my old entries, but then again, I also miss how I posted SO MANY pictures and how I had the drive to blog almost every day.

Now, here's the 21 year old me, getting lazier to blog each day. You can clearly see my blogging pattern, my posts went from abundant to scarce. Nowadays each time I open up blogger and intend to create a new post, I just get distracted the minute I am face to face with this blank white box just waiting to be filled with words. I go on Facebook, Twitter, blogshops, play Candy Crush like I did just now (I'm out of lives, which is why I'm here now. Send me lives please?)

Anyway, I think part of the reason why I don't blog as often as I used to is because, number one: I don't have anything to talk about. No interesting stuff like advertisements, which country I visited recently, or which event I attended. And not even OOTDs (Outfit Of The Day). Unless you wana read about what I did today? Which is wake up, brush my teeth, do the laundry, candy crush, eat, study, eat, and go online. That is what I would have written at 16. Not now though, coz my everyday routine is pretty much the same as I am on study break now therefore I am AT HOME most of the time studying so there's nothing much going on. Being at home means I don't dress up hence, no OOTD. Even if I do go out, which I do mostly on weekends now, I don't take pictures and post them up because I either forgot or just cant be bothered. And believe me, I have never posted a picture of myself in my OOTD or even used an OOTD hashtag yet, and I would like to keep it that way for now so as to not get engrossed in it the way I gave in to Candy Crush and Instagram temptations! I'm trying to stay away from these two life-ruiners now that I am nearing my exam period!

Okay! Now reason number two: Even if I did something fun/went somewhere nice/experienced something funny or interesting during the week, I wouldn't actually sit down with the motivation and the dedication of a real blogger and actually write about it. You know why? Because I probably must have mentally written the posts in my head. You know, I'd be thinking like "Oh, I should totally blog about this! Here's what I'd write later...or never." And then I go on to blog mentally, and those posts never make it to my actual blog because I either forgot, cant be bothered again, or if you just knew me, I'm just plain lazy. Haha. But yes, I think this reason plays the biggest part as to why I don't blog so often now. I am just motivated and dedicated in another way hehehe

Third reason: I've grown up. At least that's what I'd like to think. At 16, I would write about almost anything, my blogging spirit was so high I die a little inside now just looking at how little I've blogged lately. I think right now I'm just more careful with the things I write and pictures I post on the internet.

And last but not least, I HAVE TWITTER. That's why. With twitter on my phone I can say what's on my mind like right here right now, but then there'd be very little people who would see it because I have very little followers because I didn't announce it to the entire world on facebook that I have twitter because I simply don't want la.

Okayyyy, so my point is, I will still keep this blog alive. Frequent blogging or not, it doesn't matter. As long as I update once in a while. Because lets face it, for some strange reason, times have changed, even I have changed. I started this blog, so I promise to keep it going, regardless of my readership and everything else. And I'll also tryyyy, to blog a little bit more. A little more than usual, but still a little less than before. There, I wrote a blog post about blogging on my blog. Can you say that 10 times faster? Cheers.

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