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Monday, April 22, 2013


'Sup people!! Okay this is actually me checking my makeup with the webcam, not a camwhore shot. YAH I HAVE MIRRORS AT HOME, was just too lazy to get up.

Anyway, this was before I went out to catch up with a new friend I'd met back in Kuching who was in town last week before flying off to Korea. It was undeniably a great night, probably had too much to drink though! He'd ordered me a beer before I arrived and I gulped down probably half of the 500ml glass of Dunkel (dark German beer). And then I gave up because I felt so guilty for drinking on an empty stomach. So we went for Japanese dinner where we drank again! This time it was sak√©. After dinner it was more drinking and talking at the same German bar with this beer tower. I cant remember clearly but I think it was about 2 litres?  I know, it looks and sounds crazy for two people to be drinking a beer tower. But we actually had only a bit left at the end coz my cab was here and I had to go. We could have finished it though! But still it was a good night! Felt good to take a break from all the studying and the stress. 

Anyway, I just wana say, drinking isn't bad for you. HAHAHAHA good advice aint it?? And also, getting to know someone a little better wouldn't kill you. This is however, hands down, PRETTY GOOD ADVICE. 

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