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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dream came true

Jonas Brothers Live In Malaysia
24th October 2012, Stadium Negara
Best FIRST concert experience ever! And best birthday present I've ever given myself :D I will never forget that surreal feeling I had when the brothers walked on stage. It's like all those teenage years of fan girl-ing was so worth it, all the years of hoping to see them finally came true. I still can't believe I was there, almost at front row, singing along to the very first boyband I'd ever been SO CRAZY about. Also very glad that I only spent RM88 on the cheapest free seating ticket, but ended up at the front section called The Pit, which is the most expensive free standing zone and it cost RM288. Don't ask me how, I'm lazy to explain now coz this is as long as I can write, if I go on, I will really be writing grandmother story. But anyway I was VERY LUCKY, THANK YOU GOD.

Sighhhh having this bittersweet feeling right now just looking at this picture :')

Actually I intended to do a long and detailed post on this experience. But at this rate I'm going, it's not gona happen anytime soon. Hehe