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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hello! I know I am a terrible blogger now, but hey, I did not sign up to blog every single day. Its good enough that I still bother logging in here. Hehe!

Anyway, I have a piece of good news! I believe that good news must be shared! Not for the sake of bragging or showing off, but just to share the news and share the joyyyyy, and so that yall can be happy for me. =D So, after a tedious journey of attempts, I am finally in my first year of the Bachelor of Laws programme, yesterday was my second day. No shit, I am finally a law student. I still don't believe it! Yes, I mentioned 'attempts' because, I failed once, didnt get through, the next round, I failed one subject and passed one, and FINALLY, I passed both and I only have God to thank. So yeah, life's like that. You gotta fall a few times before reaching the top. I'm not actually at the top yet, still climbing my way up. But fingers crossed, I hope I wont be falling too much this year. REALLY SCARY HOR...

Okay, honestly speaking, LLB is really hard. LLB is short for bachelor of laws la, damn long name, thank God for LLB. I know, yesterday was only my second day, and I am already on the verge of breaking down and giving up. Its a 3 year programme and I'm taking four compulsory subjects which comprises of Public Law (need to read tons of news), Contract Law (didn't like it in alevels, still don't like it now), Common Law (not too bad), and Criminal Law (my favourite, and I think a majority favourite also). I can already foresee a very stressful 8 months ahead of me (exam is next may), and maybe I might become very kiasu. Honestly speaking I am really very scared. Coz most my friends were in this intake last year, the September intake, and they've been saying how his intake is always the toughest, because we have less than a year to prepare for the exams, where as others have a year or more. WHY LA I SO KEPO?????? Anyway, this intake was my only option, else I'd have to wait till next January to start, which I don't want to because I don't wana float around like a lost soul.

So after much thinking, praying, and being a chicken about this whole thing, I finally decided I should just go with it. What to do? Fees already paid la! Hahaha. I've already come too far to be giving up, I mean, thats the reason I've been resitting my A-levels no? So yes, I am going to go on, and hopefully survive. I really don't wana drownnnn =( And don't ask me if I'm planning to go overseas in my second or third year! The fact that I managed to enter LLB and study locally already satisfies me. I just wana make it through the first year thank you! Then we'll talk bout the rest in the future ok? =) I believe that this is God's plan for me, and I know that He is always gona be by my side. I'm not alone, I'm not aloneeeeeee. =D

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