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Monday, January 3, 2011

You got me laughing while I sing

Found this note on a friend's Facebook. Thought it was kinda cool and I was bored! Didn't want to publish it on fb coz I'm not comfortable with the idea, so here it is =)

Go to the search bar and type the letter, and put the name of the first person who shows up, and answer a few questions about them.
If you show up first, just skip your name.
After you're done, tag everyone you mentioned!

A. Andrea ng
1) Do you love this person? No, not close bah
2) Is this person your enemy? Nope
3) When is the last time you saw this person? Few years back? I don't remember

B. Bong Yang
1) What do you think of this person? Sociable!
2) What's their favorite colors? No idea.
3) Have you seen this person within the last week? Nope. Not even within the last year =P

C. Ruby Chryslyn
1) Do you know this person? Yeap
2) Did this person have a crush on you? Nolahhh, incest meh! haha
3) Do you know the same people? Yes, coz we're related

D. Daniel Ho
1) How long have you known him/her? My whole life?
2) Biggest regret? No regrets at all =)
3) Do you hate this person? No, don't hate family.

E. Eunice Lau
1) Have you ever met their parents? Yes, many times
2) Worst thing about this person? She neglects me
3) Best thing about this person? Best friend

F. Foong Yee Wei
1) Has this person ever made fun of you? No
2) When is the next time you will see him/her? No idea
3) Does this person love you? No

G. Grace Ho
1) Are they a good listener? Don't know, never told her my problems
2) Have you ever lied to this person? Nope
3) Is this person funny? Yes =)

H. Daniel Ho again..
1) What grade are they in? No grade already la. He's working
2) Is he/she your friend? My cousin
3) Something you have in common? Height

 I. Faeez
1) How'd you two meet? Primary school
2) Any siblings? Yeap
3) Have you done something crazy with them? Nope

J. Qweeny Jules
1) Do they have any siblings? Nope
2) Do they like to dance? I think so
3) What is his/her favorite hobby? I'm not sure, sorry

K. Jason Ricalde Kon
1) How old were you, and how did you first meet? I think we were 13? 14? 15? In secondary school
2) What's his/hers pets name? Does he have pets?
3) Love this person? Like

L. Nicholas Ling
1) Is this person older than you? Yes
2) How do you know them? Online/school
3) How many times do you talk to them in a week? Zero

M. D.m.Deen
1) What would you do if you had never met this person? Life would be the same =P Oh, and maybe I'd randomly add him on facebook hahaha
2) Do you like him/her as a friend? Yup
3) Would you go to Disneyworld with this person? Probably

N. Nicholas Ling again
1) Is this person your boyfriend/girlfriend? Nope
2) Have you seen this person cry? No
3) Do you miss them? Yes

O. Lydia Ourahmane
1) How long have you known this person? My whole life
2) Do you have nicknames for each other? Nope
3) Ever had a dream about this person? I think so

P. Pearlie Voon
1) Would you hang out with them outside of school? Yea
2) How about a sleepover with them? Yea I guess
3) Does this person have a job?

Q. Qweeny Jules
1) What classes do you have with him/her? Not anymore. But last and earlier this year, it was law and business
2) Does he/she have a good personality? Yup!
3) What's his/her best quality? Stylish =)

R. Ruby Chryslyn againnnn
1) When will you see this person next? Cny
2) Does this person have any siblings? Yes
3) Describe them in one word: Funny

S. Joanne Soh
1) What kind of music do they like? Cinapek ah lien songs =PPP
2) Do you consider him/her a friend? Yes
3) Have you ever spent the night with them? Yupp

T. Leticia tan
1) Have you heard this person sing? Nope
2) Do you think this person will repost this? Haha, no
3) When does this person look best? Always?

U. Uma Maheswari
1) Do you miss this person? Yeah, and all my other ATC mates!
2) Where did you meet them? College
3) Do you like this person as a friend? Yep

V. Vincent Lainah
1) Do they have a crush on you? Secretly maybe. HAHAHA
2) Would you hug this person? Yes
3) Is this person your friend? Yea

W. Paul Ng
1) Is this person loud or quiet? Loud!
2) Does this person play any sports? Yes, bball
3) What color eyes does this person have? No colour. haha. Jk, dark brown???

X. Tan Xian Wen
1) Is this person close to you? Nopess
2) Have you told this person a secret about you? No
3) Favorite place to go with this person? None

Y. Bong Yang
1) Does this person wear make-up? This made me wonder... =P
2) Describe this person: Describe as in physically? Haha. Ok. Tall, small eyes, and I think he's bald now?
3) Is this person smart? Yessss

Z. Eunice Lau
1) Craziest thing you've done with this person? Drinking during Joanne's bday. Can you think of anything else? =)
2) Does this person have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Yeah
3) Is she good looking? Quite la. Jokeeee..Yes she is

yea i noticed the repeated names. facebook is to blame! haha

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