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Friday, January 29, 2010

this just in

So umm, I guess I'm over all that sadness. I've been thinking for days and I finally sorted things out =D Thank you Lord.

Right, so I thought I ought to update more often on events and stuff with pictures (provided that I'm damn rajin) hehehe. Coz I have tumblr too. But most of the time I use it to browse celebrity pics i.e. NICK JONAS =D

So here's some pics from prom night. Very limited coz most of it are in my friends cameras. Ya I know its all on facebook already. Then what you want me to do?


I'm in love with her dressssss. But I love mine too =P

Actually, I only feel like uploading these two. Coz like, they're the only pics I quite like. Hehe. The other pics which I also quite like are in the other cameras. Boohoooo.

13 more days till I go back to my home sweet home. Blisssssss =D

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