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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'll juz type what comes to mind..Coz I lazy write in order..hehehe

Lets see..

~Econs test this morning was blahhhhh =S only 10 ppl turned up, lecturer said 'I'm gona give them zero, not absent'. haha!

~January intake got many leng zhai, why my intake don't have??

~I went to the doctor's last nite, she said there's a crypt on my tonsil. Like, our skin can have pimples, therefore tonsils can have crypts, but harmless =)

~The weather here is unpredictable. One minute you'll feel like you're being baked, the next minute its raining kucing dan anjing. Oh it was hazy juz now, and now its raining.


~My dog went on an adventure last Thursday. My dad didn't lock the gate properly, so Fluffy wriggled himself out omg. Mind you, once he's out, he buat tak kenal us ok! Dad came home, see no dog, went searching, gave up and went to sleep. Next morning, Fluffy ran past our house covered in dirt, dad eventually caught him. Anyway, I didn't know bout this till Saturday coz dad told mum not to tell us at first. Well thank God I wasn't told else I might have lost 2 kilos by worrying. =P

~I'm goin Sunway this Fridayyyyyyy!!! Yayyyyyyy

~This morning was kinda sucky..First I spilled cereal on myself this morning, then I forgot to bring my lrt card, then my touch n go card wouldnt work, then had to change trains

~Mum is back in Kuching, I can still wake up by myself. Yay me.

~Because I had a half day class today, I want to take a nap now. Bye


neece said...

ur hsemate go where? ahhh so enjoy one u! haha fluffy so funny la. i wanna go sunway too! HAIH SAD LIFE OI!

annabelle said...

yes i goin sunway lagoon today =D

u la, why never keep an eye on my dog? haih.

nvm ur life will be happy soon. wahahahaa