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Monday, May 4, 2009

another day

Today was quite fun..

LAN class was boring. It's like, Sejarah+Moral class all over again. Shit. But the class usually finishes at 12 instead of 12.45, which means more time for lunch! =D

So today during lunch leh, Fion, Amanda, Amelia and I went to eat beef noodles. Then suddenly Fion suggested to go KLCC! And so we went since it was still early and next class starts at 1.45..But because of some delay, we reached class slightly later. =P

Then rite, during the short break, Fion and I wanted to go to Times Square to grab some Starbucks coffeeeeee..So we walked all the way to the monorail station, then we changed our minds coz we were running late so we walked back to college again. Damn silly man. haha
I don't have many pics. Only this =(

hiaw po Fion =P

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