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Monday, January 19, 2009

jonas brothers live chat

So the live video chat was on January 18 at 5pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) that means its January 19 at 6am here, coz we're 13 hours ahead of the EST..Then leh, I woke up at 6.10..haha. But they were late as well, I think they had some kinda technical problems coz there were TOO MANY PEOPLE.

And I'm so pissed coz, well, not pissed but erm..geram? Coz rite, I left my computer on THE WHOLE NIGHT OK, juz so that I can be in the main chat room coz thats where they'll be reading the questions from and answering them. But at 5pm yesterday, the main room was already full..wth these ppl -_- so I was directed to another chatroom called 'jonas brothers-1'. So I thought it wasnt that bad, and there I was leaving my computer on the whole freaking nite.

Little did I know, if you're inactive for like 10 minutes, you're given a timeout, which means you'll be automatically signed out from the page, and you hafta login again, and might be placed in another chatroom which, the JoBros WONT be reading your questions from, coz theyre at the main room bah. So obviously this is what I found out when I came to my comp this morning, so I logged in again and was placed in room 16 =( coz other rooms were full, and guess what, slightly after I joined, there were 20+ chat rooms. Those poor fans.

The whole live chat went on for about an hour and a half only. So I juz sat there and watched and listened to them answering questions offered buy those stupid lucky fans. Boohoo. And suddenly, they said they had 10 minutes left, so I was trying and trying to get into the main room. And at last, I FINALLY got in..Thank you to whoever left and let me in!! haha. And they announced they had 5 more minutes left -_______- Yea yea, I didnt get any questions answered, coz rite, when I finished typing one question and pressed enter, the message would move all the way to the top VERY FAST, coz theres like I dono how many thousands of questions asked at the same time, so they probably didn't catch it. Stupid.

But anyway, it was okay, they did mention they were coming to Asia..and Nick sang and played the guitar omg. Haha. Nah, show you pics. Omg ppl are already posting the vids on youtube =P

There!! See see the star there next to the 'jonas brothers'? Thats the main room lo..

Kayyyy..That's all. I'm so very sleepy right now. Its been a longggggg time since I woke up at 6. Hehe.


neece said...

belle belle.haih if only they know how passionate u are about them.but then again they dont!hahaha.

annabelle said...

mean loh you. i seeing you as PERFECTS okay...WHY U LIDATS TO ME...hahaha

Amelia Yvonne said...

...nonetheless it was great being able to see them live, right? haha.

annabelle said...

yeap! haha...and they sang some more!! =D