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Sunday, December 21, 2008

mr mcflurry smile




Why the mcflurry smile? Because, mcflurry is really sweet rite? So if ur smile is as sweet as mcflurry, then you have the mcflurry smile. Do YOU think you have it? Its very rare you knowwwww.....HAHAHAHAHAHA. OK, some might not get a clue of what im talking about. And no, im not talking cock. Ask me lo.

One little two little three little FOUR, is the number of blisters I got after attending the christmas parade last nite. Wrong shoes. It was my first time joining a parade. A lil bit too late, I know. ish. While others started walking from jubilee ground, I started approximately from memories cafe. hehe! It was a last minute thing, thanks to Sidney. I was waiting for them to arrive, and when I finally saw my church congregation, I jumped in the line and joined them =P

So my church was the last, and had the largest congregation. And, who better to walk with than Sidney??? AND WHO BETTER TO DITCH ME THAN HIM ALSO?????!!!!!! chao pumbaa. So much for the Stand By Me song =P And you havent say I'm nice hor! U can kiss ur xmas pressie goodbye =D

I didn't take any pics, coz I forgot to bring my cam. So the route was like, from jubilee ground to padungan to waterfront to star cineplex and then back to jubilee again. U picture it la. Omg I never stood in the middle of the road before. HAHAHAHA. While others were singing and wishing merry christmas to the spectators, I was erm...walking, and fanning myself =P WHAT! I got flash my million dollar smile also ok! =D DID ANYONE SEE ME??????? haha

And and, I saw some schoolmates/ex-schoolmates. Lets see, I saw...rick and ralph, melvin, joshua, ryner, dennis, jeremy, jerry, joan and some more i forgot. heh. Yea I'm very free so i can name them one bye one. I can even name some from other school, you want? Mr Mcflurry Smile lo...After the parade, mum and I went to mcd to eat coz I was starving, as a result of exhaustion. But all these blisters, and sweating, and pain, is all for a good cause =) may God bless you this Advent season!


oh, i forgot, it was early in the morning. heh. its the morning eyes.

I've been feeling really troubled these few days =( SERIOUSLY. And I only find myself at peace when I'm at church. I guess its the aura, the people, the praise and worship, and God. Then maybe I should go stay at church. Be the caretaker or something. haha.

Ohya!!! Apparently, pumbaa doesnt understand how I can tell someone is cute from the back. I can, I tell you!!!! =)

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