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Sunday, December 14, 2008


9.50 a.m. : breakfast

10.30 a.m. : church

3.07 p.m. : here

rest of the day: rot. go out also the same. boring.

rest of the week: yay, got plans. (i think) haha. shit, i need money.

anyway, church was ok today =) oooo..and i saw that smile again!!! there was a sea of ppl in blue shirts at church today. theyre the participants of this year's youth convention. neece was one of them. and she didnt see me until i sms-ed her, 'im at ur 7 o'clock' hahahaha. and after the service, sumthin sumthin sumthin HAIHHHHHHHHHH, nvm, it aint christmas yet. haha. sorry, i might be babbling stuff that no one understands. ahhh, pumbaa does!

by the way, i have a question. izit dangerous to dye ur hair THRICE in a week? can die ornot ah??????? hahahaha

and and..i dono what to do now, i know wad i wana study already. but the huggggggeeeeeee problem is, WHERE? kuching? kl? please tell me, give reasons to support ur choice. english essay lidat. hahahaha.

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