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Friday, November 28, 2008


im soaaaarrringgggg... flyyyyyyyiiiinnngggg, there's not a star in heaven that i can't reach... =D

ahhhhhh....feels good to be done with spm. my destiny can beginnnnn just too happy. who isn't?
the next thing to worry about is...NS and what to study and lots n lots more..

mcb..tahniah my foot.

ah wadever. don care.

anyway. went for a movie with neece, wy and rachel juz now..
we watched Twilight.
after reading many blogs, and how ppl say its so nice so nice,
i guess it really is. its a beautiful movie, thats what i think =)
that edward guy..omg, the things he say very sweet lo. can melt =P
ok enuf. its 12.45 now n im supposed to be sleeping..
goin out tomorrow.

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