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Saturday, November 1, 2008

happy birthday to US!

haih..its my birthday and i still have to create birthday post for people =P

WHY????? because when u share the same birthday with 3 OTHER PEOPLE, its like that y'all..

so today...i want to wish a very big big big happy birthday to 4 people... myself!!! hey, u cannot not wish urself happy birthday ok. its a must. haha.

and then, to 2 special people, my eldest sis jaime and third sis jasmine.

if i were to talk about them one bye one, this post would be super long. k la, maybe i say a bit la. theyre both the short ones =P wah im so mean. quite cool eh. haha.

k k, jas is odd one (i think). always wanting to be different among the four of us. and hence, she even looks different, the sepetness and all...hahaha..kidding la can. but i think everyone agrees with me rite? =) she is also the SCARED one. often afraid of things im not. like..horror movies? haha. eh wait, horror movies im scared =P

k, then..jaime is the timid one. but when she's mad, she's mad. and also the one who took all my nutrients, thats why im so thin and she got curves. HAHAHA...JOKE. and she worries a lot. hey..dont worry too much bout stuff. be like ME. hahahahaha.

and lastlyyyyy....
happy birthday to mr chai chze yiun @ ah boyyyyy

thats all. have a nice day. =)

i need to edit this post tomorrow. heh

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