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Friday, October 3, 2008

hari raya

went visiting yesterday. ai li came to pick me at 9.30 and came home at 7. our first stop, izzati's house =) and we were the first! haha. we hung around, talked, ate, and waited for the rest of the 5D group and some new 'frens' to arrive.

zaty and annur.

pui pui. wrong, should be fit fit =P

eager to leave coz we were at zaty's place the whole morning and we were getting bored. haha.

then rite, we all planned to go to nazmi's house. so ai li, janet, yan ting, von, and i drove off before everyone else did, n we lost the others. so ariff called n asked us to meet at so and so..
and here they are!! 3 cars parked at the road side, and a whole bunch of people waiting at the bus stop. hahahaha really funny seeing all of them at the bus stop

leaving nazmi's place. pics not in my camera. heh

and this! this is the house that made us all go WAHHHH... =P and it belongs to zikri. why dont i have a pic of all these home owners i mentioned ha? coz the pics arent with meeeee

see..even got huge mirror right when u step into the house, then can cam whore. so convenient rite? =P and at the doorstep, before u go in the house, theres a small mirror. also very convenient!!! like in case b4 u go out, and u need to fix ur hair or wadever, the mirror is right there!

after zikri's house, we went to cyril's fren's house, whom we dont know. but nvm mah, hari raya rite??? =) no pics. coz it was really hot and no one felt like taking pics.

then to zul's place. zul is the one in black. emerald house fast runner!! haha. oh, and nazmi is the one in purple. and that's the happy family sitting down, consisting of a mummy, daddy, and 4 daughters. =)

just in time. haha. the others were at the other side scaring these birds away.

then they settled up there.

ah pui rode the bike to his fren's house. and that's kiyomi's head =P

cyril the mohawk directing traffic konon.

the clown of the class =D

he ran and scared the birds away, and look at his supper funny expression.

and he wana cam whore with me!! and forced me to buckle my seatbelt coz he said he doesnt want his friend to die. then i jokingly asked him if he loved me, he said yes, but behind me, he pointed his middle finger! damn pubo ok! hahaha

geli. =P

then we reached ariff's house. and another house, which made us go OOOOO AHHHHH WAHHHH!!! haha there were guests in the living room, so he brought us to the backkkkk of his house, its like, a carribean style patio, with tall bamboo fence and a small waterfall at the side, a dining table, a cooking area, a counter where the pic below is taken..and his house is sooo nice and angmo-ish, i didnt feel like leaving. haha.

this is ariff's refrigerator. von is a pro in doing this. wahaha

this refrigerator is not only for storing food, its for looking at urself all day long as well!! haha

19 of us. minus ariff.

ahh there he is on the floor in orange.

and his CUTE CUTE CUTE puppy, shin chan. haih, she turned away from the camera, she looks like a fox. yes, muslim's are not supposed to have dogs as pets, but they have their rules and regulations.

the last house we went to was annur's. no pics. coz i think everyone was tired. when we left, we all said goodbye like it was so sad =P i hope we as classmates/schoolmates/friends can do this again next year..

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