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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

7th october

i like my new header!!!

im so hungry...and all ive eaten was porridge and more porridge to come. my teeth hurts like hell. NO PAIN, NO GAIN. yep. =) keep telling myself that. and now im eating strawberry yogurt with peaches, by my mum..coz i have to snack on food every afternoon to satisfy my hunger, so right now, thats all i can eat. like baby food. hahahaha

and and, yesterday hor, at the dentist, when i was lying there, and my dentist was like, pasang-ing the stuff on my teeth, i was quite scared that it might hurt or sumthin, then suddenly, i thought of nick jonas singing "a little bit longer, and i'll be fine"..wah u see, their song so influencing. HAHAHAHA.

ohya, i like my new header =D i said it already rite?

exactly a year ago, was the last time i saw erm...bulldog. haha its like, he sms-ed me saying that he's back here at where where, and wanted to meet up lo. after reading that sms, i looked at joanne and screamedddd!!! well, squealed maybe. haha. and THANK GOD i was out that nite celebrating lorenzo's bday at soho, coz if i was at home, i definitely couldn't go out, and i think i could have cried. =P so erm..joanne and i went to meet him, no one knew. heh. coz i scared to tell my sisters ba!! after that.......i'll save the details. anyway, i still miss him, as a friend. so my point is, why do people change so quickly?


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