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Friday, September 12, 2008

in my dreamssssss

jonas brothers - would you rather?

spend all day with just one jonas brother or 10 minutes with all three?: all day with just one jonas!
go to a meet & greet and no concert or concert and no meet & greet?: erm hard to choose!
steal one of joe's t-shirts or one of nick's guitar picks?: joe's tshirts.
sing in front of the jonas brothers or sing in front of their fans?: neither. heh
go on a date with nick or just be frends with all 3 of them?: go on a date with nick of course!
be in an episode of J.O.N.A.S. or perform with the jonas brothers?: perform with them
be friends with joseph or friends with kevin?: joseph
touch kevin's side burns or touch nick's curls?: nick's curls
hug denise jonas or hug frankie jonas?: frankie
be picked for hello beautiful or have 1 of them tell you you're beautiful?: have 1 of them tell me im beautiful! haha
have kevin laugh at something you say or have joe make you laugh?: joe make me laugh
get a bear hug from joe or a high five from nick?: bear hug from joe please
get invited to a concert after party or invited on stage?: concert after no! invited on stage! aiyah! dono la..
be the star 'love interest' in a JB music video or record a song with them?: record a song with them
announce JB on stage or be the opening performer?: announce JB on stage
arm wrestle kevin or play wiffle ball with nick?: both
beat box for joe while he's rapping or rap with him?: erm..neither?
learn to play guitar from kevin or to play piano from nick?: both. =)
sing with joseph on stage or dance with kevin?: sing with joe
get a phone call from kevin or a text message from nick?: phone call better... =P
go bowling with joe and kevin or watch a movie with nick and frankie?: eeeeeee!!!! both!
trip over in front of joe or have a blonde moment in front of nick?: trip over
ride in JB's bus with all of them or in kevin's car with just him?: JB's bus
help straighten joe's hair or help straighten kevin's hair?: neither.. i want nick
see nick shirtless or see all 3 boys at a pool at a hotel youre staying at?: see nick shirtless!
get an autograph from all of them or get just a hug from them?: hard to decide.. =P
get a kiss on the cheek from nick or have all 3 think you're beautiful?: haishhhh...dont wana answer. haha
see kevin in a store while shopping or see joe in an arcade?: kevin in a store
meet just joe and get a hug or meet all 3 and just get to say hi?: meet just joe and get a hug =)
steal kevin's guitar or joe's tambourine?: none
get a big hug from big rob or get a picture with frank j?: picture with frankie
have nick notice your sign on stage or have joe wave at you on stage?: nick notice my sign
meet just nick and kevin or just joe and frankie?: NICK ONLY PLEASE
have joe smile at you or have kevin laugh at something you say?: joe smile at me
have kevin bring you out food in the morning at a show or give them gifts?: neither
be on the field at the DC Games with them or be on stage with them?: be on stage with them
get to go backstage at a concert or get 20 minutes alone at a meet & greet?: backstage! coz they'll be there after the concert mah. hehe
try to sneak onto their tour bus or try to sneak backstage?: sneak onto their tour bus!
see nick at in-n-out burger or joe at mcdonalds?: both
see kevin dance in person or hear joe rap in person?: nick nick nick
have a dance contest against kevin or have a singing contest against nick?: neither. cant dance, cant sing. =P
play agianst nick in halo or against joe in guitar hero?: neither..
go on a date with kevin or see all 3 in the street and get hugs?: see all 3 and get hugs
meet them at a concert or meet them randomy in disney world?: randomly in disney world

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