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Friday, August 22, 2008

another august baby

to the sister who is my 2nd sister,
to the sister who is 10 years older than me,
to the sister who used to be as tall as me,
and to the sister who turns 27 today,


she is the one whom....i look like? i dono. haha. and also, always asking me to study haaarrrrrrddddddddddd....saying im the only hope n blablabla. hahaha. yes yes, I WILL =) n she buys me stuff. well actually, they all do =P also she is very strong charactered, and and..brave? ohya, and....mean???? juz kiddinggggg

ini dia kak ngah saya
so there are many pics to post...but i wont post them all...this post took me super long to complete. so kak, u should be honoured. hahaha

so...the not so fun times. haha. jk jk.

july '08. us at mojo. i miss. =(

mr 8.

cny '07

ur favourite clubbing destination..POPPY. correct kah? i cincai say one =P

this just had to be posted. batwoman!!! haha

drinking at sunshine, nov '07

like ive said before loh, i am the blog author so most pics must include me. nyahahaha

long long ago. i look so different. n u too. seriously, uve gained weight. hehe

ampang lookout point.

remember that time onot? i chia mcd! a FULL tray of food for 10 bucks only! careless counter girl. and and....our dishonesty. hahahaha.


outside klcc...

yi pa ni ma. hahaha...
and again, happy birthday.

other sisters, don jealous. wait for ur bday. i give u present. n bday post. my gosh im so nice. i do all this for u ppl. n who's gona treat me in return???? hahahaha still u ppl rite? coz im the baby sister mah =D


Anonymous said...
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me! said...

my gosh!!! where did u get the batwoman photo??!!! hahahha

thanks for the write-up on your blog bout me & my birthday!!

yea, study hard cos u r our only hope!! hahahah....... be smart ya! & dont be too proud!

there's so many photos i almost forgotten bout them!! i miss my bright coloured hair!!! i've covered the last few streaks of blondes with deep deep red.

annabelle said...

u know...i was juz going to ask u TODAY, whether uve been reading my blog lately, coz i wrote u a bday post. n i was checking the comments juz now, true enuf u commented ey! haha.

anyway, i got ur batwoman pic frm facebook la darling. u forgot???

oh, so u got no ah lian hair now? cool!

i will be smart n not be proud!! =) n ure welcome. this is what blogs and sisters like me are for. =D always being nice. wahahahahahaha