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Sunday, July 20, 2008




=DDDDD hahaha..when im down, i look at them and it makes me happy =P anywayyyyy..trial exam starts tomorrow. God have mercy on me if u think ive been lazy. reward me if u think ive been a good girl. in Jesus name i pray, amen. and also, good luck to those sitting for exams tomorrow.

sis left for kl yesterday morning. alone again. and they three got company there. ish. haha

so i juz read pumbaa sidney's blog, and he blogged bout watchin angelina jolie's movie, "Wanted", and yes, im here to copycat u. I WATCHED IT ALREADY AS WELL. nyahahaha. the movie is okay. i like the part where every time the guy gets injured and all, he'll lie down in a bath tub full of i dono, wax i think, to fasten his recovery. its like, so cool. or maybe im sakai...theres a cat in the movie, and her name is.....ANNABELLE! and all the girl kept saying was 'feed Annabelle, feed Annabelle!'.

this movie kinda dumb. haha.
Lars and The Real Girl.

its this guy, Lars, (Ryan Gosling) who creates a sex doll online then he buys it. and when the doll package arrives, he treats her as his real gf. sick rite. he even named her Bianca! ahahaha. but she's quite pretty for a doll eh! then he introduces Bianca to his bro and sis in law and they had to tolerate with his 'sickness'...maybe coz they didnt wana hurt him or sumthin. in other words, they siao with him also lo. since Bianca is a doll, she cant stand on her own rite? so he put her in a wheel chair.

then he talks to her, dresses her, takes her out, and even medical checkups! and the doctor had to play along as well, c
oz she feared he might have some mental problem. then blablablablabla..and he ends up with a REAL GIRL named Margo who had always liked him. this movie is a bit funny, coz of the way Lars treats Bianca...and a bit pointless. haha.

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