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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


ive been lazy 2 blog these days...
k la...i blog bout skool..
2day, we had double periods for each subject..
except the last..

BI - was ok. my turn over liaw.
Chemistry - celakaaaaaaa
recess - mam mam
BM - no teacher!! did some work. then talked for the rest of the lesson
Physics - do peka n experiment.
PK - supposed 2 be pk lesson. our chem teacher is taking over, using it for chemistry.. =S

then ringgggggg!!!! went home...n then...i ate...n i bathed...n i sms-ed...n i watched tv...wth, this is wad. i like ma.


in another non-related story.....on saturday nite, i went out wif my sis n frens. then this friend of mine bought a reload card. while we were in the car, she started punching in the reload number n stuff. then phewwwwwwwww....she threw the card out the window of our movin car. then the msg frm digi came saying that the number was invalid...HAHAHAHA. that's 10 bucks out the window. =P


2day in skool....von yap clipped up her front hair (thinking she's so cute :P), joanne used the rubberband i bought (pretending 2 appreciate it. haha!). jk laaaa...then..we ate sugar coated biscuits in the chem lab. n popcorn in class. my wu liao. seriously out of things 2 say dy.. hahahahaha. and neece!!!! said 'hi' 2 me 2day. bloggin crap. wad...even the smallest things count bah. and yesterday in 5A, von sng was obsessed wif the word 'CAN'??? like, SO CUTE CAN?????? HAHAHA.

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