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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

happy new year

us, and graveyard. nyahahahaha

*squeals* haha. with aaron and siew

the first guy, u see, i dont know him. random betul

happy happy happy new yearrrr!!! its 2008 already, and my first post!! i must say, 2007 passed really fast. and goin to form 5!! and and...theres gona be spm!! SHIT. oh well..since its my last year in smkbl, i shud enjoy and appreciate it lor, not like i never enjoy school. =P so yeah, 2007 has been a great year, i think? haha. yes, it DEFINITELY has. especially when.......unmentionable here. muahahahaha. there were many ups and downs too..the laughter and the pain wif family n frens. well, thats wad makes a great year right? i hope this year will be as good as 07', or even better!!! =D

so..yesterday, was new year's eve, as well as my parents 29th wedding anniversary..went out for dinner then came home, then out again 2 soho for countdown. celaka last nite, bad jam in town ok. as if thats not enough, the weather wasnt being very fair either. bad jam, bad weather. but not a bad nite tho. haha! because of the heavy rain, soho was like a sardine can. n we only had 2 stools to sit on, how sad. i heard it was real fun at zen, ppl were splashing beer..partly because it was zen's last nite lor. theyre closing down! as well as mc. muahahahahaha. joanne and i wanted 2 go over 2 zen, when we reached somewhere near the big xmas tree at travilion, we drove back 2 soho again. thanks 2 the weather and the traffic jam =P and thennnnnn.......left soho around 1 sumthin..reached home at two, slept right away. im saving the rest of the details. =P bye bye, have a blessed new year.

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