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Friday, October 26, 2007

back 2 civilization

back 2 civilization again after a week my internet connection went kaput. haha. so this is a backdated post on last friday. i have some very interesting pics 2 upload. wahahaha. so last friday, it was joanne's bday. n we all celebrated at soho. AGAIN. omg...i went 2 soho, 3 weeks in a row. first for ah yang's bday, then nick's, then joanne's. who cares..thats called havin fun! n i MIGHT be goin again 2moro nite 2 celebrate my bday in advance of 5 days. are..the pics!

so this is the beginning. when we were all...erm...sober?
then, things got crazy n interesting. haha

c wad i mean by interesting? my girls have grown up
welcome aboard bitches!! hahahh

with vince

ooo yay

wif nick n prince

this is how red she can get

hehe. i look eeeee.

forcing that graveyard down her throat

then he helped her

then we helped too

happy birthday joanne!!!

somewhere in the mid of the dancefloor

aw aw...someboday's tipsy. look who's talkin.
n she still dare 2 say me.

these two ar...seriously...i dono wad 2 more say! haha

and this...!!! is the end of the night where we were all..
erm, red? haha

so yeah, thats it i guess. there are some more pics, but due to safety measures, its best to keep it 2 ourselves. hehe. anyways, 2moro is a saturday in which there's a replacement class where i'll b sitting for the physics paper. 2moro can be considered the last day of exams, coz monday's test is est..which there is practically nuthin 2 study. haha. yay yay. cant wait till 2moro's test is over!!! sigh...gtg study now. boohoo


Anonymous said...

then the gals spent the nite @ my house - a slumber party. mum said, the next day, the room stink of stale ciggy smell!! have u gals been smokin too??

annabelle said...

ya ya ya...don comment here. comment at the tagboard la