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Saturday, September 15, 2007


wah wah wah, now that fuckin whore changed her imaginary fren's profile 2 PRIVATE worrrr...its dat korean guy who she names "Jason" with INVERTED COMMAS. she created this "Jason" 2 impersonate that korean actor. n now his profile is private...way to go impersonator. think im gona change my blog link soon. coz dat whore read it once, long long ago. scared she remembers it...haihhh..i miss my life without the disturbance of this bitch.


Lyd said...

WOW! LoL ur page ssooo colorfuL! hahahaha. sabar beleh sabaarrrrr =)

annabelle said...

kenot sabar ahh..sabar for 3 freakin months oredi. i shall hunt dat bitch down n have her head chopped into minute pieces.