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Saturday, August 18, 2007


wahhhh,...i havent blogged for so long hor...
beginning so rajin, now juz like shit
oh well..its like dat bah hor
yay, the holidays r here
but only for one miserable week
so sad...

oh wellz, about 2day..
went 2 skool, practically for the whole day
about 9 hours.
went at 7.30 n left at 4.30
all for wad???
'masakan rimba'
cookin the camping way
had alot of fun altho i wasnt competing
i was one of the helpers..
then got telematch
then got this got that,
then go home.

no pics ah..lazy 2 bring cam..
so sad i cant go 2 fever 2nite
2 watch d performance
no driver...
when i dont need driver, got driver
when i desperately need 1, don have!
nvm lor, 2nite juz rot at home.

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