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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

lin yu zhong

went 2 lin yu zhong's 'concert' on sunday
guess its a mini concert..
it was held at SUPP
1st, went 2 town wif neece in d afternoon
then, a fren came 2 fetch us n we went 2 d 'concert' 2getha
met up with other frens there,
waited for i dono how long until suddenly,
the startin of 'fei ni mo shu' by tank blasted thru the speakers
n out came this dude singing the song

rite, he aint lin yu zhong
he's a VJ on astro, 4got his name tho
nehh, if u watch dat show 'Go Go Trendy' on channel 19,
u'll c him
quite cute btw.
dat song is damn touching
(n i thot Tank was a special guest dat nite)
k, then, after his singing n some blabla in mandarin,
they finally decided 2 let lin yu zhong b the centre of attention!!
like, finally!! after waitin in that hot n stuffy hall,
he's appeared rite in front of everyone, 2getha with dat vj guy

taken from where i was standin, its good 2 be tall

blur. too bad, this is how far my cam can zoom.

thanks 2 a fren for takin these super close pics
he juz wont look here la

ok, i guess dats all. still have alot more tho..
kinda late oredi, i wana watch my movie la
wait 4 d next post
MIGHT post some more pics, n videos...

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