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Sunday, June 24, 2007


hey ho..
so hot now!!
anyways, about last nite..
went out wif my frens
joanne n vince came 2 pick me
then we went 2 open air market
ah yang, ah pui n dixon n some other frens were there
so went there, had a drink, n left
then we went 2 the arcade
coz ah yang was obsessed wif his dumb game
after that, we went over 2 Fever

malcom, ya li n some other frens were already there
for a change, we ordered vodka

so the nite went on with many rounds of our glasses clinking
n some of them played cards
i didnt. haiya, i dont noe how 2 play that stupid game la
hmm, dont wana mention too many things here
then we drove ah pui 2 travilion n dropped him there
n we went back 2 fever again
stayed there 4 a while,
n it was my time 2 go home
coz i got myself all dizzy n stuff =P
couldnt stand the uneasiness
but i had a great nite
havin gatherings like this once in a while wif ur frens is fun
when i reached home, i slept straight away
n woke up early 4 church. woot!

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