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Monday, May 14, 2007

green forest, my home

yesh..its the movie, 'green forest, my home' see, see, the words r green in colour. ok. lame. haha. im obsessed with it these days..damn, i cant watch it 2nite. hafta study.. =( some of my frens have even watched it on dvd already. n astro has only started showin it, u c ha, my mom started watchin it. n i was like, complaining whenever she watched it. n watchin it every nite. haha!! its a nice movie..brings tears 2 my eyes sometimes. the touching parts la..

even got handsome guys 2 c!! well, only the two at the side la... theyre mine!! the one in the middle, erm...ugh..not really la. =P i like the guy on the left coz he's got a really cool look..aiyerrrr.. *melt melt* but shit, i cant find any upclose n personal pics of him, except for the one down there. his name's DAVID CHEN YU FAN..

n the guy at the right hand side of the first pic is cute too!! he's got a nice body. hahaha!! also cant find any pics of him. =( wait till im very free, then i search secara terperinci.. =P guess dats all, i wana go then time 2 blog panjang panjang..bubwaiiiii

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