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Thursday, May 24, 2007

2moro 2moro. yay yay!!

2moro is the last day of exams!!
have physics paper 1 n i 4got wads the other paper
oh glad its the last day 2moro
i juz wana get over with it!!
n thennn!! n thennn!!
i'll b goin 2 kl in the evening..
goin with some church members
hmph, mum n dad dont wana go..not now.
maybe year end..
anyways..will b meeting my sisters there..

i'll b there for 10 days
dad n sis made me stay longer
coz later my tix go 2 waste
2nd sis asked me 2 stay till the 10th..
no way!!
i still have unaccomplished plans wif my friends here!
so i'll b back on the 5th lor. =)
was actually gona b coming back alone..
but my uncle n his family r goin too, n theyre takin the same flight back as me
sheesh..thot it would b fun 2 experience wad its like 2 travel alone
oh well...wadever la..

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