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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

no title again.

hey a holiday 2moro. yay!! mite b goin out with my frens..maybe not. dont noe...sumthin made me real mad. so i dono who im goin out with.
was on the phone with neece for like, 1 hour juz now. hehe! hmm..this reminds me of those days during primary skool where neece n i used 2 talk on the phone for hours n hours. haha. good times ya neece? but we seldom do that nowadays. which reminds me, neece ah, how long have i known u??? oh well...we still remain as best frens.. =) n please, this doesnt mean im neglecting my other frens or treatin them like shit. dont misunderstand or misinterpret wad im sayin.
to Y and J, please dont misunderstand me. try thinkin from a different perspective. u girls r still my best frens k? its juz wont b fair 2 either one of u, lets say if im always with u both, E will feel left out...n if im always with E, u both will feel left out rite? see my point? so dont u girls worry...u ppl see the problem of havin 3 best girlfrens??? 2 in my class, 1 in another class. haha. call me troublesome if u want..but im comfortable with the 3 of them, n i love these 3 biatches!! hahaha. so wad do u expect me 2 do? ditch either 1 of them? siaw!! haha. gotta go change me clothes now. goin 2 me grandma's house.


neece said...

yalorhh..truee dearr..ngaiti u.rote so many entries liaw eng..=PP

Anonymous said...

wat the TUT n the TUT!! I was just teasing alright! 4 J i duno. why do u hav 2 take it so seriously? wtf! apala u.its ur right 2 pick hu 2 hang out with wat. im ur fren 4 how long liaw? u stil duno how i react ah?ish la u moi! :/
(m offended.)

annabelle said...

U MAY THINK THIS IS A TEASE. BUT ITS NOT. IVE SEEN U BOTH REACT LIKE THIS MANY TIMES. N I HONESTLY DONT LIKE IT. its good u noe how 2 say i have my rights 2 choose who i wana hang out with. then nex time, dont u n J start sayin the sameeee things again. haha. wadever, i dont wana start an argument.

annabelle said...

ohya...n 1 more thing. offend offend..offend ur ass la. =)