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Sunday, April 29, 2007

ni jiu shi wo de wei yi 2nd n 3rd sis are back.
they came back on friday evening.
havent had time 2 blog yesterday as i was out the whole day..
so i think this will b quite a long post :P
went 2 town with my mom n sisters
got a pair of heels frm vincci
n some other stuff
then at nite,
joanne n vince wanted 2 meet up wif my 3rd sis
so my sis suggested tapanga first
n we went
waited for them 2 come
n they did, along with malcom, yali, n ah yang
n after dat, we went 2 soho 2 meet my 2nd n eldest sis
didnt have much fun there coz,
i needed 2 pee so badly!!
n the toilet at soho is freakin dirty
so i waited, n waited
n waited
sis asked me 2 dance
but i couldnt possibly move!!
so uneasy u noe
n joanne left early. no fun one. =(
kissed them goodbye,
n continued 2 wait
n sis fren challenged me 2 drink again
ngaiti..dahlah i needed 2 pee so badly.
one thing i don understand is,
izit bcoz, one look at me n they noe im underage?
ey cmon la..nowadays, who gives a damn?
but rite, ppl oweys think im older than my actual age. haha
or izit, coz theyve got a problem?
wadeva la, u wana stare, stare all u want.
after soho, went 2 hilton 2 shee shee
ahhhh...felt so much better. haha
went 2 tapau lok lok after dat
so, about 2day, went 4 photo shoot juz now
family one
not reli satisfied,coz of my hair
ohya, i cut my front hair. hehe
hope the pic will turn out great..
gotta finish off my presentation now
sobssss... ='(

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