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Friday, April 13, 2007

my foot hurts!! =S

didnt have the time 2 blog yesterday.. hmm...wad did i do yesterday? owh..went 2 joanne's house yesterday afternoon. followed von's car there. we played dress up at joanne's house!! haha. was so crazy yesterday. then, in the evening, we walked all the way 2 yvonne sng's house 2 find her, n went 2 friendship park 2getha..after dat, walked allllllll the way back 2 joanne's house again..then we stayed there for dinner n left after, part of our dress up. not all tho...the last one's with yvonne sng. hehe. ohya, i have 2 frens named yvonne. 1 is yvonne yap, the other is yvonne sng. haha

von sleptover at my house. i asked her to. coz 2day is sports day bah, n joanne was gona pick us up, so, it'll b easier..that von was so crazy. she didnt wana sleep yet, so she started playin with my invisible pen. writin stuff here n there. haha. so..about 2day..its my skool's sports day..woke up at ready..joanne n vince came 2 pick us up at around 7.45..when we reached jubilee ground, d stupid freakin gate was closed, n they said it'll b opened again at 9..sheesh. so we went 2 d ais kacang place 2 meet ah yang, joyce, n ah chee lor..then we went back 2 jubilee at 9 n they didnt open the gate. so we complained 2 d teacher there. thank god he had the keys n he was nice enuf 2 let us in. =D then we went in, met neece n wendy..then went 2 sit at their house, which is diamond house.

haih, u c ha, im in emerald house. there's emerald, diamond, amethyst, sapphire, ruby, n amber. n i dono wads wrong with emerald this year. i dono y, but emerald stinks this year. but we won last year.!! guess its bcoz all the really good ones left skool dy..n this year, amethyst n diamond are like, not bad!! even ruby!! n guess wad, emerald is the last now. so im very sure emerald isnt gona win this year. juz wait n c 2moro. oh well, wadever la hor...

all smiles with neece..heehee

then, lunch time, with joanne, von n neece, left jubilee n went 2 hock lee 2 meet ah yang them..n then went 2 d kopitiam behind hock lee 2 meet eric n eat there. there was eric, sophia, rachel, jj, carrie n bryan..after lunch..went 2 hock lee again!! went 2 d arcade, took some pics with joyce at the booth..met soooooo many students who changed their outfits juz 2 go there. ish. so pathetic. unlike me, im so proud of my emerald shirt!! haha. hmm, wad liaw hor? oh..then we went back 2 jubilee, scared the ppl go close th gate again. then around 3 sumthin, neece was takin part in one of the events.. so i sat there, with wei yei n dennis. coz joanne n von left dy.. =( leavin me all alone..then i went home at 5 n went 2 mcd 2 get sumthin 2 eat, was very hungry bah. hehe.

guess thats about it...too much 2 remember i guess..haha. ohya, my left foot hurts!! n its swollen!! but y in the world one side only? haihhhh...guess the pain is frm all the walkin!! oh well..gotta go sleep now. 2moro is still sports day. 2 days bah. im goin again..will post more pics again lah..hehe.

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