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Sunday, April 8, 2007


juz came back from the easter was ok..hehe. so full now. =P hmm..lemme c, saw a few ppl frm skool. well, actually, 2 only i think. or was it 3? haha. 1 of them is i-dono-wad-is-his-name n another is bryan ng. i didnt c him at 1st. oopsie. then he called my name. hahaha. paiseh. so the food came, then i sms-ed bryan. coz halfway eatin, bored bah. haha. funny rite? so we sms-ed lor. then suddenly i needed the toilet so badly. haha. ask mum go wif me, she ask me go myself. i mana mau? liaw, i asked bryan 2 accompany me. haha. since he needed 2 go 2 da toilet oso bah. then after goin 2 d toilet, we were talkin like, in the middle of the restaurant. haha. n alvin came, n joined our conversation. haha. then lazy liaw. hehe.

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