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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


i juz reached home..
sent sis 2 hilton for some seminar juz now..
was cravin for scoops ice cream
but mom didnt wana take me there
blehhh.. =(
she said it wasnt worth the money
rm5 for 1 scoop
then she said go mcdonalds
but i didnt want to
its always the same old boring ice cream they have there. haha
then mom asked me 2 go scoops wif neece 2moro..
since i want it so badly
but..i dono where im goin or who im goin out with 2moro so lucky 2day
coz im supposed 2 hand in the hard copy 4 my ict presentation, but, with the spirit of togetherness, haha, we tricked the teacher.
n i started it
we told him he asked us 2 hand it in next week
n he said we were lying
but then, everyone said it was next week
then he finally agreed. =P
so its next week. =D
lucky lucky me!!

omg, i saw a nice dress at mng juz now
haih..yes, the dress is nice, n so is the price
hmmm..this time have 2 manja wif my 2nd sis
eeee..i wan dat dress!!!!
oh well...dear god, please help me.
give me strength n courage 2 beg my sis 4 dat nice dress.
aiyo, maybe i shud 4get bout it la.
but i wan!! i wan!!

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