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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Why did I let trouble walk in my life again??

Should have known better.

Joke's on me now huh? 

Monday, June 23, 2014

To this day

I didn't know...I really didn't.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The way we were

This is one of my favourite scenes from Sex And The City (season 2 episode 18) where Mr. Big marries Natasha, leaving Carrie to wonder why it wasn't her instead. 

Carrie: It's just…why her? I mean really...Why her?
Miranda: One word: Hubbell.
Charlotte: Hubbell.
Carrie: Oh, my god. Hubbell. It is so Hubbell.
Samantha: Who's Hubbell?
Carrie: Hubbell! Robert ”Hubbell” Redford in The Way We Were.
Charlotte: I love that movie.
Carrie: I love, love, love, that movie.
Samantha: -Never saw it.
Carrie & Charlotte: -Oh, my god!
Miranda: What are you, an alien? How could you have not seen The Way We Were?
Samantha: Chick film.
Miranda: Ok, Robert Redford is madly in love with Barbara Streisand, -Katie.
Carrie: -K-k-k-katie!
Charlotte: K-k-k-katie, right!
Miranda: But he can't be with her because she's too complicated...and she has wild, curly hair.
Carrie: Hello? C-c-c-curly. 
Miranda: So he leaves her and marries this...simple girl with straight hair.
Carrie: Ladies, I am having an epiphany. The world is made of two types of women, the ”simple” girls and the ”Katie” girls. I'm a ”Katie” girl and where are our drinks?
Charlotte: I always cry at the last scene in that movie when she sees him in her hotel with his new wife
Carrie: -The simple girl.
Charlotte: -And she reaches up
Carrie: -And smoothes his hair away.
Miranda: And she says to him: “Your girl is lovely, Hubbell.”

I loveee it when they sing and talk about the movie and Samantha's blank reaction is just priceless. Like Samantha, I've never heard of the movie either and was curious to know what it's about. Well it's a 1973 romantic film about two people (Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford) with drastic differences, who eventually fall in love, and finally part ways with each other. After everything that's happened, and I quote wikipedia, - "all the two share now (besides their daughter, whom they name Rachel) is a memory of the way they were."

I MEAN, isn't that just the saddest way to put it?? After watching the scene from Sex and The City itself, I knew this must be a sad love story and so I searched for the actual scene. IT'S SO SAD and I totally get Miranda, Charlotte, and Carrie now. I will admit, I got teary-eyed when they hugged.  Damn, why do I like sad and sappy love stories :(((( Barbara Streisand also sings the soundtrack for the movie, also called The Way We Were which makes you wana cry too. Here's the scene below.

Watch till the end part and you'll see Carrie reenacting the original scene and Mr Big was clueless. 

So, who's a Katie girl and who's a simple girl? 

Monday, May 26, 2014


I don't know how to say it. How do I say this?

Have you ever felt the need to say something so badly but you just can't? It's not as simple as blurting everything out. In fact, the desperation to say something when actually you cant is just dangerous, coz you might hold it in for too long and reach the brink of explosion and end up doing the word vomit. And all this is induced by the fear that things might change after saying what you want to say. THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES.

So what's it to be? Don't say a word, let things stay the same, and possibly feel sad, OR spill everything, which would cause things to change for the better (or worse), and feel happy (or sad)??

Monday, April 28, 2014


Dear no one

Where do I go from here? What do I do? What should I say? How are things gonna turn out? I need answers. Help!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


It's an 'I-knew-you-were-trouble' kinda situation...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I've developed a new (and maybe deeper) interest in the American Presidency/Politics. Or perhaps it's always been there, I just never gone into detail. Call me a nerd, but I like reading bout the Presidents of the United States of America. When I was younger, like during my primary school years, we had a set of A-Z encyclopedias and I used to read about the presidents! Not all of them though. Geek much? By the way, I don't read those encyclopedias now that everything's on Wikipedia. Yes and I also like to read about American Politics, you know, those Republican Party, Democratic Party kinda stuff. I'm guessing yall know about the government shutdown? 

SO WHY AM I STUDYING ENGLISH LAW THEN? I guess I don't mind getting the best of both worlds ;)

Okay right now I am more fascinated by the presidency, because there are SO MANY of them, each of them telling a different story and performed different duties and responsibilities. I am especially interested in the Kennedy family! Or should I say the Kennedy legacy, President JFK in particular. They're like this one big political family because a huge majority of the family is involved in politics. And it's just really interesting! Please tell me I'm not being weird. And of course, there's the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, in 1963. You cannot know "Kennedy" and not know what happened to JFK ok? You just have to know! Anyway, I watched the assassination and funeral videos, and it brought tears to my eyes.

And then there's Robert Francis Kennedy, JFK's brother. He too was assassinated, in 1968. He was a senator going to run for president and he was killed on the night he won the presidential primaries. Can you imagine that? One was an existing president and another was running for president and both suffered the same fate. How sad is that? Why do people do such things? What's sadder is that RFK's widow, Ethel Kennedy, until this day, can not talk about his death. Okay sad stuff aside, in case you didn't know, RFK is the grandfather of Conor Kennedy who dated Taylor Swift. Yup, there, I just briefly fed someone with some Kennedy knowledge :D Oh yes, and JFK's youngest brother, Ted Kennedy, also a senator, had written a lot of bills which were then enacted to law. THAT, in my opinion, is a huge contribution to the country's legal system. *applause applause!*

Did you know there are only 4 living former presidents as of today? Bill Clinton, George H W Bush, George W Bush and Jimmy Carter. And now in present day, Obama, which I have not read much about yet because I have been busy raking up history (not that I was EVER interested in history), is currently serving his second term as president, and he supports same sex marriage. 

Oh yes, and also not forgetting former president (the 40th) Ronald Reagan who passed away in 2004, I was 13 and I remember watching the funeral on tv. Here's an extract from Wikipedia: After accepting the folded flag, she kissed the casket and mouthed "I love you" before leaving. (She- referring to his wife, Nancy) Does that make you wana shed a tear or what? I know I did.

I could go on all night talking bout all this, but I probably shouldn't. So yeah, this is what I know, and there's LOTS MORE. I think it would take a lifetime to read everything about the presidents and the politics. But hey why not? :) At the end of the day, I am a law student and it is only normal for me to hold interest in things like these. Even if I wasn't, I'd still be interested. I read the encyclopedias when I was a kid didn't I? Haha!

Right, I should now continue studying what I signed up for: English Law and my own country's politics. Goodnight!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Back then...

Take me back to the time when we first talked, to the time I was all you cared about, to the time we fit so well, and to the time I could talk to you at any time of the day and you'd still be there. How could I not know I had so much to lose.